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This website is designed as a resource center on self-representation in civil legal matters. Our purpose is to provide a collection of materials and resources that can be used to create legal service delivery systems that are based on the concept of "pro se" or "self" representation within federally funded legal services programs, courts, pro bono programs, and other community-based programs.

Pro Se
means "on one's own behalf."  A 1991 American Bar Association study of self-represented litigants showed:

  • Persons with incomes less than $50,000 are more likely to represent themselves.
  • About 20% of self-represented litigants report they can afford an attorney but do not want one.
  • Self-represented persons are more likely to be satisfied with the judicial process than those who are represented by attorneys.
  • Almost 75% of those who represented themselves in court said they would do it again.

Self-representation, when combined with the power of modern information technology can be an important means of providing increased access to the legal system.

This resource center contains:

  • A searchable Directory of Pro Se Programs operated by legal service providers;

  • White papers and research on the research concept;

  • A Discussion space where organizations that want to design and operate pro se assistance programs can post questions and receive answers from other
    professionals who are engaged in operating pro se programs.


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